Silver Medal’s new song sounds a lot like the kind of paralytic malaise inspired by Portland winters, where you don’t really feel like doing anything, and feel worthless for doing nothing. The Portland band is fronted by Jared Brannan, who told us the song is about being stuck at home with the flu.

“Tax Season is a weird and difficult song that I wrote last year in, you guessed it, early April. I was recovering from a nasty flu that had me incapacitated for a couple weeks, and I was feeling the weight of some firm seasonal depression. Taxes were due and finances were shit.

When you’re laid up for that long, you have nothing to do but get introspective. Everything felt heavy, including my marriage. Writing this song and getting those feelings down helped me get back to a decent headspace.”

Silver Medal’s debut album, “Easy Doesn’t,” was released in 2017, and “Tax Season” is the first song from an upcoming EP, due in January.

This single, “Tax Season,” will get a formal release October 4th on Holiday Breath Records. You can catch the band the next night at The Library, the new basement venue under Growler’s Taproom on S.E. Hawthorne, October 5th.