The official bio of The Hague is brutal and succinct.

Here’s the first line:

Bitterness, spite, and pawned instruments.

It’s true. The four-piece punk rock band has been through plenty of ups and downs in its eight years of existence. It’s probably been mostly downs, in fact. But if the group’s latest single is any indication, all that adversity has made its members a stronger group of musicians. “Bear” is a whirling three-minute-long anthem that balances power and finesse, while occasionally veering into math rock and the early emo territory of bands like American Football and The Wrens.

The band is releasing “Bear” on Sep. 15, but you can listen to it exclusively here at opbmusic.

The Hague play in Portland at Twilight Cafe on Sep. 14 and at The Know on Nov. 9.