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Song Premiere - The Parson Red Heads - "Please Come Save Me"

“Please Come Save Me” is the lead-off song from the new record by Portland band The Parson Red Heads. Blurred Harmony comes out June 9th after almost 4 years between records, and it finds the group writing in a nostalgic mood. Frontman Evan Way says the song is “a good representation of the overall lyrical and conceptual direction of the album. Floating along in a Cosmic Americana haze, driven by chiming Telecaster and a pedal steel twang, it tackles the topic of nostalgia and memory, how we deal with our past and the decisions we’ve made, by either facing them or running from them.”

Blurred Harmony will be released on local label Fluffy & Gravy. The band’s release show is June 8 at Mississippi Studios. Evan Way plays a series of solo shows at Al’s Den from June 18-24.


The Parson Red Heads

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