Ural Thomas seems to be ready for the spotlight. Or at least, the spotlight he’s deserved since the late ‘60s and early ‘70s when he was playing with artists like James Brown and Stevie Wonder and releasing singles on his own. Thomas, who grew up in Portland, returned home from a stint in New York many years ago and is now a beloved fixture in the local scene. 

For his new album, “The Right Time,” Ural Thomas & The Pain re-recorded “Slow Down,” a song originally found on his 1968 record “Can You Dig It… Live!” The song is a sizzling reflection on how fast he used to move through the world.

“Back when I wrote that tune, I was movin’ way too fast. ‘Slow Down’ is all about taking time to see what’s goin’ on around you, and sharing what you got to give,” Thomas shared with opbmusic via email.

“The Right Time” is due out September 28. Ural Thomas and the Pain will play a release show at the Aladdin Theater on Friday, September 29. Tickets go on sale August 10. You can pre-order the album from Tender Loving Empire.