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Video Premiere: Boone Howard - 'Half A Life'

If you visit a random music venue in Portland, Oregon on a Tuesday night, the chances are pretty good that you’ll run into Boone Howard. He’s been an ubiquitous presence in the city’s music scene for the past few years while playing on stage with his former band The We Shared Milk, running sound at local venues like Bunk Bar, and booking bands for the Sunday Sessions concert series at Rontoms.

And now, the odds of a Boone Howard encounter are even higher as he’s set to release his solo debut album The Other Side Of Town later this year. Make no mistake— that’s a good thing, because early previews of the record hint at a grandiose, playful, and loungey sound that’s sure to be make it one of the year’s best local releases.

Howard and his new band are releasing the album’s second single “Half A Life” during a show in Portland at Mississippi Studios tomorrow night, February 7th, at 9pm. Joining them on the bill are Aan, Kulululu, and Ah God.

Until then, check out the video for the song above exclusively right here at opbmusic. And feel free to jam out to the audio-only version below.

boone howard video premiere

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