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Video Premiere: Moon By You - Effigies

Sometimes a musical or lyrical phrase turns into a full song overnight. More often than not, parts need to be fine-tuned so the process takes a little longer. With the song “Effigies,” the band Moon By You definitely took the latter route.

“When I started writing the song…the hook haunted my dreams and would wake me during the night,” says the group’s front-woman Sarah Q. “It’s taken 5 years for the song to sound like the original fever dream I had.”

Over the course of those 5 years, Q and her Portland-based band have been crafting their psychedelic, throw-back sound, and now opbmusic has the pleasure of premiering the music video for the song Effigies.

Directed by Austin Will, the video features human hands creating unusual shapes over brightly colored backgrounds. Will says the concept came from noticing the way people use their hands every day. “We express emotions … and love with our hands,” says Will. “To me, its much more than a kaleidoscope hands video. Its about connections and love and feeling each-other.”

Will’s creative concept gives an added sense of warmth to that initial hook written by Q, which actually came from a place of loneliness. As the line “Wanna love you like my sunshine do / Oh in the morning, won’t you wake me up?” repeats and the hands on the screen blossom, you can’t help but feel like everything just might work out.

Director: Austin Will
Cinematographer: Jon Ray
Lighting: Alex Mertz
Hand Talent: Briley Jozwiak + Mubarak Ra’oof + Kirsten Karkanen + Jen Lorentzen + Melissa Porras + Austin Will
1st AD: Tommie Trujillo
Stylist: Sydney Rodriguez
Editor: Arthur
In Association with LION ATTACK

Editor’s Note: Moon By You recently released a 7″ single called Got My People

video premiere moon by you effigies

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