The Domestics
have released “Beauty Contest,” the final single from their self-titled debut record. The release is accompanied by a striking video directed by Martin Melnick that features scenes from the Oregon coast, suburban Portland and the St. Johns Bridge.

Singer Michael Finn said the song was a natural choice. “Beauty Contest in many ways feels like a bridge in-between our first record and the new record we recently made with Tucker Martine,” says Finn. That new album was recorded at Martine’s Flora Recording & Playback studio in Portland and is due out later this summer via label Tender Loving Empire.

The video for “Beauty Contest” was an official selection at the Portland Music Video Film Festival. Director Martin Melnick on the project:

“I first heard The Domestics at a show in Portland and fell in love with their sound. ‘Beauty Contest,’ different from a lot of the other songs on their album, stood out to me in particular. It felt incredibly sad. A thousand ideas for a music video hit me at once, and ultimately I approached the band with a concept that I hoped would do justice to the emotional weight of their song. They were excited about the story and I think on certain levels it resonated with them personally.”

The Domestics play at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland on June 4th along with New Move and Jared Mees.