In late 2016, Those Willows released their self-titled sophomore record. The album, recorded and produced by Adam Brock of Old Wave in his personal studio in Portland, is a winning mix of folk-tinged pop music anchored by lush instrument arrangements and the vocal harmonies of the band’s founding members, Jack Wells and Mel Tarter.

Accompanying the album’s final single, “Know More,”  is a playful video directed by filmmaker Evan Gütt.

“[The song] is about moving through life without subscribing to other’s expectations of you and the struggle between working a 9 to 5 and still having the energy to learn for learning’s sake,” explains lead singer Tarter. With that in mind, the band and Gütt sought to create “a Rube Goldberg concept that shows one red ball pushing it’s way, headstrong, through all the obstacles thrown at it.”

That sounded simple enough, but the project turned out to be anything but easy

According to Tarter, “Four days were spent story boarding, scouring neighborhood Goodwills and spray painting trinkets.” Gütt did the rest with a mix of animation and inventive set design. Watch the final product above.

Those Willows are currently writing and recording new material ahead of a planned European tour in Spring 2018.