Looking ahead to opbmusic’s 10th-anniversary concert on Friday night, we went into the archives to find these four favorite videos with the bands. All were recorded in our studio over the past few years.

The Helio Sequence’s “Red Shifting” comes from their 2015 self-titled release and an opbmusic studio session that year.  Kelli Schaefer’s dramatic “Big Black Box” was from a session in 2017 and Natasha Kmeto’s soulful “I Thought You Had a Boyfriend” was a revelation in 2015. The last video, of The Helio Sequence playing “Hallelujah” has a special connection: that song was from their breakthrough album “Keep Your Eyes Ahead” in 2008, the same year opbmusic launched. And they’ll play all the songs from that record at Friday’s concert. Tickets for this special 10th anniversary concert are available at the Crystal Ballroom box office or online.