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From 'Slingshot' To SXSW: Public Radio Favorites Head To Austin

Last year, NPR Music and NPR member stations across the country launched a new series called Slingshot designed to boost the careers of up-and-coming public radio favorites. Since the beginning of 2018, 22 new Slingshot artists have been announced. Many of them are about to head to Austin, Texas, for next week’s South By Southwest Music Festival. To preview the big event, here are a few artist recommendations from the Slingshot series.

Haley Heynderickx

“Oom Sha La La”

Not just any singer-songwriter, Heynderickx takes her nervy and ambitious songs down circuitous, unexpected paths. “Oom Sh La La” starts with a murmur and builds to a scream.

Download “Oom Sha La La” via NPR Music’s Austin 100 Mixtape until March 31.

Jade Bird

“Good Woman”

She sounds like a Nashville veteran, but in reality, she’s a U.K. singer who’s not yet old enough to drink legally in the U.S. “Good Woman” is a rip-roaring blast.

Download “Good Woman” via NPR Music’s Austin 100 Mixtape until March 31.

Liz Brasher

“Body Of Mine”

Brasher’s voice seems to come from many places and eras at once, from early soul and girl groups to modern pop.

Download “Body Of Mine” via NPR Music’s Austin 100 Mixtape until March 31.

Hear the full conversation with NPR’s Don Gonyea at the audio link.

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