Smoky, subtly emotive, and underpinned by a gorgeous falsetto that cracks on command, Nilüfer Yanya‘s voice is a stunning instrument. And it pairs incredibly well with the English singer’s minimalist pop music, which revolves mostly around jazz and r&b-influenced guitar arrangements that allow her vocals to stretch out and fill the voids. Although she’s only released a couple of EPs and a handful of singles to this point in her career, the 22 year old singer has already turned heads in her native country. Now, she’s poised to have a big year in North America after signing with ATO Records and playing her first US shows in LA and New York.

On her newest single, “Thanks 4 Nothing,” Yanya continues to impress. A cult-themed video for the track, complete with poison Kool-Aide and matching red outfits, morbidly plays with her introspective lyrics about a long-failing relationship that’s finally hitting the rocks. “This is this end” she states before adding “Don’t think we can be friends / Just being honest” in a wistful but calming tone that tries hard to hide the feeling of defeat. According to Yanya, it “shows you can be bitter and grateful about it at the same time.” That’s the sort of maturity you’d expect from a much older songwriter, but this is very clearly just the beginning for Nilüfer Yanya.