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Your Favorite Music (of 2013)

Depending on how you look at it, it’s great/challenging to be a music fan today. Never has so much music of all kinds been just a click away, from band and fan websites, streaming services, radio, and folks like us who try to find the best stuff and show you. Surrounded by such bounty, it’s hard for most of it to take root. But great music, however you want to define that, gets in. It grows on you. You find yourself going back to listen again and again, and you want to tell everybody about it.

What new music in 2013 made its way into your mind and listening habits? We’re looking for our listeners’ (and readers’) picks for your favorite records of 2013. There’s a handy form below to vote for your favorites, and you can check back here to see the evolving list of our listeners’ composite top 10 over time.

How it works: vote for 5 of your favorite records below, ranked from 1 to 5. Your top listed record gets 5 points, the next one gets 4 points, etc.  We’re looking for full-length records released during 2013, not EPs or singles.

We’re also giving away a prize package of CDs and OPB swag. To enter the drawing, simply provide your name and email address in the first box below. (You don’t need to vote to enter the drawing, and you don’t need to enter the drawing to vote.)

Deadline to enter the drawing is Saturday December 28th. We’ll contact the winner by email.



Best of 2013

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