We asked the opbmusic staff for some of their favorite songs of the year by local acts: Songs that we loved on first listen, songs that grew on us, songs we couldn’t get out of our heads. Paring it down to just 10 wasn’t easy, but some common favorites emerged. Here’s our list of favorite songs of 2015 by local bands:

Houndstooth – Witching Hour 

“The Witching Hour” comes from the Portland group’s sophomore release, and finds lead singers John Gnorski and Katie Bernstein stretching out on an extended duet that reminds me of 80s-era X, with a wiry guitar solo from Gnorski that I absolutely love. — Dave Christensen, opbmusic Program Director

Divers - Tracks

“Tracks” sums up everything that is Divers. The (controlled) chaos of the first 15 seconds is entirely indicative of what you can expect from their live sets: frenetic energy; and the way the song falls into a steady groove is representative of the solid rock ‘n’ roll the band carries throughout their debut album, Hello Hello. All of that, along with melodic vocals and hooky guitar lines, made this one of my favorite songs (and albums) of the year. — Matt Casebeer, opbmusic Host

Summer Cannibals - Something New

“Something New” is an undeniably infectious rock song that will have you singing its hook all day while justifying your less-than-honorable post-breakup behavior. Summer Cannibals may come off a little like angsty teens in this one, but their musical chops are wise beyond their years. Great video, too. — Mason Rippey, opbmusic Host

Blitzen Trapper - All Across This Land

Blitzen Trapper’s 2015 release All Across This Land finds the band at their rock ‘n’ roll best. The title track is rhythmic, catchy and fun, and feels like the kind of song you want to kick off a great road trip with … and then just keep listening to throughout the entire journey. — Jeff Poteet, opbmusic Host

Old Wave - Indigo

Old Wave’s self-titled debut was filled with plenty of beautiful and quirky songs. None more so than the song “Indigo” which featured tricky time signatures, three part harmonies, and enough nautical references to fill a boat.  — Jerad Walker, opbmusic Music Director

Ural Thomas and The Pain – Pain Is The Name Of Your Game

Ural Thomas may have originally written this song in 1967, but the version he released this year with his band The Pain is every bit as amazing and soulful. The 2015 version is a bit more uptempo and danceable; the arrangement is full, but Ural’s voice has a little more room to shine this time around. As great as the recording of this song is though, it’s even better live. — Sarah Long, opbmusic Host

Eyelids - Bound To Let You Down

The opening track from the Portland supergroup’s self-titled, Peter Buck-produced EP is an infectious three minutes of power pop that fans of bands such as Teenage Fanclub will adore. Jangling guitars, sweet vocal harmonies, and an infectious chorus had me humming the tune soon after I heard it. The caliber of writing from Eyelids has me hoping for new music from them in 2016. — Francis Storr, opbmusic Host

Wild Ones - Dim the Lights

This track from Wild Ones’ Heatwave EP starts sweet and ends dark and sexy. I’m not sure if the setting is Portland, but the mood is definitely reminiscent of a dark and rainy Pacific Northwest winter, with lyrics that reference wandering through an urban landscape in the evening. I’ll admit that I was largely ambivalent toward Wild Ones before hearing this song. Now, I’m eager to go wherever this sultry Portland pop group wants to take me.  — Molly Woon, opbmusic Host

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love

“Multi-Love” is the title track from Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s third album, which was recorded in frontman’s Ruban Nielson’s Portland home after nearly three years of constant touring.  The song explores some of the complexities of a polyamorous relationship Nielson had with his wife and a fan he met in Tokyo, who ended up living with the couple for a year here in Portland. The album on the whole, and this song in particular, is a departure from the low-fi sound that we’re used to from UMO, with heavy emphasis on synth and drums underlying Ruban’s psychedelic vocals.  — Gerard O’Sullivan, opbmusic Host

El Vy – Return To The Moon 

Portland indie rock veteran Brent Knopf (of Menomena and Ramona Falls) teamed up with Matt Berninger (The National) to form El Vy this year. The result was a surprising departure for both musicians that’s been well-received by critics and fans alike. The lead track, “Return To The Moon,” is a nice blend of Berninger’s distinct baritone vocals and whimsical lyrics with Knop’s infectious arrangement. More please!  — Jenn Keenan, opbmusic Host