It’s one last look and listen back at our MusicFest NW day party this past September with the help of Aan. The quartet was up to the task of opening the day at Mississippi Studios (and then some) as they ripped through a dynamic set that included songs from the debut full-length Amor Ad Nauseum, due out early next year.

Necessity (and volume) dictated that Aan wake the bleary-eyed at our PDX/Rx day party this year, and they opened up the action on Mississippi Studios’ indoor stage with a set that made us all forget pretty quickly that it was noon. Aan’s twisting, turning, unpredictable songs provide for a wild ride any time, but just a few hours removed from whatever 2:30am encore we were all recovering from was a whole new way to experience them. It was, indeed, the perfect prescription from a band that seems to up the ante everytime we catch them. Aan: Safe as Coffee (and Probably More Effective).

In the weeks since this performance, the band (Bud WIlson, Reese Lawhon, Jon Lewis and Jeff Bond) has seen the rather ambitious Kickstarter goal they set to fund the release of their debut successfully met, and they’re eyeing a January release for the long-awaited record, entitled Amor Ad Nauseum. All of this comes near the end of a year that saw them open a series of shows for The Smashing Pumpkins, release a new single and video for “Mystery Life,” and play our studios back in January.

Freshly returned from a tour down the California coast, Aan headline Bunk Bar tonight (11/12/13)!


Audio engineer/mixing: Steven Kray
Video editor: Nate Sjol
Videographers: Jarratt Taylor / Nate Sjol / Molly Gard / Dave Cusick
Executive Producer: David Christensen