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Portlanders Aan (that’s “ON”) join us to play a set of songs showcasing the qualities we’ve always loved about their music— namely the pairing of singer Bud Wilson’s almost cathartic vocals with twisting, turning, unpredictable songs that keep listeners guessing. We talk to the band about their new single, the full-length debut slated for release later in the year and the origins behind their curious name.


Entire session audio (performances + interview):

Like Morrissey before him, Aan frontman Bud Wilson reminds us that “these things take time.” He’s talking about what’s been a long, slow road for Aan to this point, releasing a 5-song EP and 2-song single since beginning as Wilson’s one-man recording project in 2007. Like the band themselves, we’ve been being patient— as one does when something seems worth waiting for— and that’s about to pay off. Aan releases the new single “Mystery Life” this week on Cool Summer Records (hear it here), celebrating that fact by playing a headline set this Wednesday night (Feb. 6th) at Mississippi Studios. They’ve also completed work on their full-length debut, Amor Ad Nauseum, with plans for a release later in the year.

Aan is Bud Wilson on vocals and guitar, Reese Lawhon on bass, Jon Lewis on drums and Jeff Bond on guitar and keys.


Audio engineer: Steven Kray

Video production: Jarratt Taylor / David Christensen

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

Photos: Nathan Quigley— see the full photo set

Executive Producer: David Christensen


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