The band Ages and Ages is infectious. All those hand claps and group harmonies have made songs like “No Nostalgia” and “Do the Right Thing” total opbmusic and NPR ear worms.

The band’s newest album, Something to Ruin, has changed tack some. The music is just as infectious, but the subject matter has become much more topical: booming real estate, mass consumerism, the impending Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and the end of civilization. There’s perhaps no better example of their mood, and arguably no better anthem for these times in Portland, than the song, “Kick Me Out,” with lyrics like “And all around me is changing, I see/all the places I used to belong that I don’t want to to be/While the others pointing back at us/fetishize some golden age that never was.”
Ages and Ages played a special concert at The Old Church for opbmusic and talked with us about why it might just be time to scrap our civilization and start all over again.

Ages and Ages will play two record release shows this Saturday, September 3 at Mississippi Studios: one all ages and one 21+.

Watch their performance above, and listen to the interview in the player below.


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