Alela Diane has long been a fixture in the Northwest, writing songs that mix the intimately personal with images from the natural world, and pairing her warm voice with sparse and delicate guitar. Ryan Francesconi had collaborated on arrangements for folk icon Joanna Newsom and violinist Mirabai Peart. The two began to work together last year, trading instrumental songs to stimulate a new writing process. With Ryan arranging the songs and Alela writing lyrics, they completed a new album, Cold Moon. Musically and lyrically it’s a wintry, meditative work that muses on questions about life, death and renewal.  The release show for the new album is tomorrow (October 17th) at Revolution Hall — a concert presented by opbmusic. Alela Diane and Ryan Francesconi will be touring in Europe in November.

For this studio session, Alela Diane and Ryan Francesconi are joined by drummer Daniel Hunt, violinist Mirabai Peart, and cellist Anna Fritz. Watch the performances above, and download mp3s of the songs and interview below.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray with Randy Layton
Video editor: Jarratt Taylor
Videographer: Braden Spotts
Executive Producer: David Christensen