We’ve long enjoyed the strangely beautiful soundscapes of Portland band Animal Eyes. With danceable beats in odd meters, vocals that whoop and shout, and songs that repeatedly reference the natural world, Animal Eyes are the Northwest’s answer to the angular art-pop of Dirty Projects, with the rhythmic ambitions of Tune-Yards, and the psychedelic weirdness of Animal Collective. Our session with the group was long overdue.

Members of Animal Eyes grew up in small town Alaska, where high school bands and friendships nurtured the beginnings of the band they’d start in Portland several years later. They released their first album, Found in the Forest, in 2011. That record’s folk-based sound has gradually given way to their pop-leaning and more psychedelic music today. The group is currently working on a third release.

Animal Eyes joined us to play songs from their latest record, Where We Go, and talked about weird beats and vocal lines, what inspires their music, and how they got their start.

Watch the performances above, and hear/download the songs and interview below.

You can catch the group June 21 at Bunk Bar in Portland,



Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray
Editor: Jarratt Taylor
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