In late spring, Battleme performed a set for opbmusic at Get Loud, a recording studio in the Hollywood neighborhood of Northeast Portland, OR. At the time, the rock band, fronted by Matt Drenik and backed by Scott Noben, John Chap, JJ Eliot, and Chad Savage, had just released their latest album, Habitual Love Songs, a boisterous record dripping with their unique blend of dirty 70s revival rock.

Since the release of their last album, 2014’s Future Runs Magnetic, the band’s touring lineup has experienced some minor personnel changes, with the addition of Noben on drums and Chap on bass. But the group has always been Drenik’s project— and that’s where the major difference is this time around, as the songwriter has moved exclusively to vocals. The result is a souped-up live show, with the singer as the animated focal point.

You can watch a sample of that sweaty, loud, and incredibly fun mess above, via our partners at VuHaus (where you can also find more videos of Battleme) or listen to the songs below.