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Blue Skies for Black Hearts

Blue Skies for Black Hearts - The Sitch

Recording engineer: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Bill Ward

Video: Jarratt Taylor / Nate Sjol

Photos: Inger Klekacz — see the full photo set

It’s a pop music tradition— musicians taking to the screen in an endeavor to either enhance or provide an alternative context for their primary artform. The Beatles, The Monkees, Kiss, Prince, U2, Elvis Presley and scores of others have all tried their hand, the results ranging from comedic (intended and otherwise), to self-indulgent, to occasionally brilliant. Blue Skies for Black Hearts go for all of that with the short film for their new Embracing the Modern Age, an homage of sorts to the rock n’ roll movie replete with evil professors, robots, monkeys, sea creatures and the very future of the genre hanging in the balance.

We talk to the band about the creation of the film, the setting for which extended to the outer reaches of eastern Washington (incidentally, it’s also where they got the cover shot), the on-call nature of their recording process and the unexpectedly personal tone of some of the new songs.

Catch Blue Skies for Black Hearts in action as part of the Nuggets tribute benefit for the Jeremy Wilson Foundation May 21st at Slabtown, and all night long at the Waucoma Club in Hood River on May 28th.

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