When Seattle band Deep Sea Diver played our final Stagepass concert last year, most of the concert featured new songs we heard for the first time. As the group’s frontwoman Jessica Dobson told us, their second record would be personal. While much of their debut album had painted a vivid picture of surviving a chaotic and disturbing world around them, the new record would explore the contours of a relationship. Dobson is married to Peter Mansen, the group’s drummer. While Dobson is the charismatic frontwoman of the band, playing darting electric guitar lines around her singing, Mansen is the propulsive force behind the band’s danceable and expansive rhythmic sense, impossible to miss with his bobbing head and flying hair. They’re joined by bassist Garrett Gue and Elliot Jackson on keys and guitar. The new record, Secrets, comes out this week. Deep Sea Diver is currently on tour with a stop in Portland May 20th at Mississippi Studios (where we recorded this Stagepass concert).

See Deep Sea Diver play “Body on the Tracks” below, and head over to VuHaus for a third song, “See These Eyes,” plus more from our studio sessions and our VuHaus partner stations around the country.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray, Graham Nystrom
Video director: Matthew Thomas Ross
Videographers: Matthew Thomas Ross, Nate Sjol, Jarratt Taylor, Hannah Andrews, Harrisen Howes
Lighting: Matthew Rosvold
Production design: Hannah Andrews
Executive Producer: David Christensen