Southern California band Dengue Fever stopped by OPB in February before their packed show at Doug Fir Lounge. The band was started by brothers Ethan and Zac Holtzman in 2002 after a trip to Cambodia and encountering its particular brand of 70s psychedelic rock. While they made their first record of those Cambodian pop songs, their recordings since have been all originals, and draw on recognizable elements of Southern California surf rock as well as the sinewy psychedelic rock that first inspired them. They’ve just released their fifth album, The Deepest Lake.

Dengue Fever is Ethan Holtzman (keys), Zac Holtzman (guitar), Chhom Nimol (vocals), Senon Williams (bass), David Ralicke (sax), and Paul Smith (drums). They’ll play a series of California shows this week, and tour through the West at the end of March and start of April.


Cameras: Jarratt Taylor, Sam Smith, Grahame Bywater
Editor: Brendan Jones
Audio: Steven Kray
Producer: David Christensen