Eric D. Johnson performed for most of the 2000’s leading the band Fruit Bats, releasing 5 albums over that span, including 2011’s Tripper. Fruit Bats songs were made ethereal by Johnson’s falsetto singing, and memorable songs often had a double vocal line with an impossibly high second part. Late last year, after deciding to bring the band’s 14-year run to a close, Johnson visited OPB to talk about Fruit Bats’ final show and recall moments of their history.

Johnson’s new solo project is EDJ. He stopped by OPB on the way to Pickathon this summer, and played this set of songs from the debut EDJ release.

Listen to the session here and download free mp3s:

Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray
Video production: Jarratt Taylor
Shooters: Nate Sjol, Sam Smith, Nathan Tang