Portland band Eyelids is a labor of love for frontmen John Moen, Chris Slusarenko and Jonathan Drews. While they and newest members Jim Talstra and Paul Pulvirenti have crossed paths in past projects (Guided By Voices, Boston Spaceships, Minus 5, Dharma Bums), Eyelids has the sound of “getting the band together” to do what they love. That includes brisk two- and three-minute songs full of hooks, three guitars up front, backing vocals, and mining the 80’s psych-rock sounds they all have an affinity for.  The band joined us in the studio to play songs from their debut album, last year’s 854, and a couple of songs from their new, self-titled EP. Watch the videos above and catch the interview (and download mp3’s) in the audio playlist below.  Eyelids plays 9/2/15 at Holocene.


Audio production: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Randy Layton and William Ward
Videographers: Jarratt Taylor, Jennifer Sowell
Editor: Brendan Jones
Executive Producer: David Christensen