Portland band Genders was once the looser side project to another band in town, called Youth. As Genders, the band told us, they were free to try out songs without getting hemmed into expectations about genre or sound. Youth had a brief run, getting votes in the 2012 “Best New Band” poll, and abruptly ended that year. A year later, the trio of Maggie Morris, Stephen Leisy, and Matthew Hall, plus drummer Katherine Paul released an impressive debut album as Genders, called Get Lost. Their new EP, Phone Home, features more of the band’s sunny, psychedelic rock, and new bassist Toby Tanabe. Watch their performance above, and listen to/download the mp3s below.


Audio recording/mixes: Steven Kray
Editor: Jarratt Taylor
Videographers: Jarratt Taylor, Drew Barrick, Chase Amen, Nate Sjol
Executive Producer: David Christensen