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Genders at OPB

Since forming out of the ashes of the departed band Youth nearly two years ago, Genders have charmed us at every step. The Portland quartet joins us to play songs from their just-released full-length debut, Get Lost, and talk about its recording with producer Michael Deresh (Tea for Julie), as well as the six-week tour they spent opening for Built to Spill this past fall.

Hear the entire session (performances and interview) below:

There are lessons we can learn from Genders. Youth is fleeting, for one, to use one of a few bad puns we ourselves employed following the breakup of the band known as Youth. That’s where Maggie Morris, Stephen Leisy, and Matthew Hall first played together, making up three-quarters of a band that gained a quick following in their short time together.

The trio carried on together and in short order emerged as Genders in the spring of 2012, adding drummer Katherine Paul to round out the quartet. That desire to keep making music together speaks to the band’s chemistry on and off stage. “If I could marry a band, I would pop the question,” Morris told us during the interview. The result of the union is a band that sounds self-actualized— dream pop led by Morris’ effortless croon and a NW injection of swirling guitars. “Casual rock,” Genders call it.

Genders joined us as a well-oiled machine, fresh off of a six-week tour with Built to Spill. They return to live hometown action this January 17th at Mississippi Studios.


Audio engineer/mixing: Zack Carver-Gustin, with technical assistance from Randy Layton

Video production: Nate Sjol

Shooters: Nate Sjol / Jarratt Taylor / Sam Smith

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

Executive Producer: David Christensen

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