We grabbed Guster for a quick Soundcheck Session before their recent show at the Crystal Ballroom. They performed the first 3 songs from their 7th album, Evermotion, complete with thunderous mallet drops.

Guster’s three primary members [Ryan Miller, Brian Rosenworcel, and Adam Gardner] have been making music together for over 20 years, and their sound has continually progressed over the course of their career. The latest incarnation of the group includes multi-instrumentalist Luke Reynolds and features some of their most ambitious songwriting to date. They began in the Boston area as an acoustic guitar & percussion trio but have slowly become a unique indie pop quartet ready to experiment with everything from sounds on their records to alternative encores at their live performances.

When the band set out to create their latest album, they wanted freedom from any constraints - real or imaginary - imposed on their previous efforts. Through a conversation with Portland’s Eric D. Johnson (The Fruit Bats), they connected with (Cottage Grove, Oregon’s) Richard Swift, whose unorthodox production style led them to craft songs that, for Guster, are experimental, but also are able to retain the heretofore known “Guster” sound at their core. With a renewed sound and energy, Guster is prepared to please their existing audience and win new fans along the way.

*mallet drop*


Audio recording: Steven Kray
Video editor: Brendan Jones
Videographers; Nate Sjol, Jarratt Taylor, Sam Smith
Executive Producer: David Christensen
Special thanks to the Crystal Ballroom and McMenamins