The band Hibou is led by 22 year-old Seattle artist Peter Michel. Michel got his start touring with the San Francisco band Craft Spells while still in high school, playing shows at night and studying online during the day. Back in Seattle, Michel began to compose and record songs at home, arranging and playing all the parts himself. (Members of his family, he says, can be heard in the background on his first EP, doing work around the house.) On record, the full-length debut Hibou is a record of sunny, layered pop drenched with great hooks. Live, the band’s appealingly forward guitar work stands out, and their louder (though still undeniably catchy) set at SXSW was one of our favorites of the festival.

Hibou returns to Portland June 25th at Revolution Hall.

Watch the performance above, and download mp3s of the songs below.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray
Video editor: Jarratt Taylor
Videographers: Jarratt Taylor, Sam Smith, Nick Gattman
Executive Producer: David Christensen