Portland band Horse Feathers has just released their new album, So It Is With Us. It’s the fifth full-length for the band best known for its own kind of chamber folk — plucked, strummed and bowed at various times on guitars, banjos, cellos, violins and mandolins — with lyrics softly sung by the group’s frontman and songwriter, Justin Ringle.

In an interview at OPB with April Baer of State of Wonder, Ringle says he was down and exhausted after the last touring cycle, wondering whether he and his music fit any more into the music world. After a period of time without playing music, he began to retool, and set about to make a new record that provided more of the energy of the band’s live shows. Among other things, the band played a set for Sasquatch with a bassist instead of a cellist, and Ringle began to write differently, refocusing on writing the songs’ choruses.

In this studio session at OPB, Horse Feathers leads off with a pair of songs from their new release. Watch more performances on our YouTube page.


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