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Houndstooth at OPB

Ride Out the Dark, the debut record from Portland quintet Houndstooth, is the culmination of three years of writing and recording after core duo John Gnorski and Katie Bernstein began working on songs together in 2010. The band joins us to play from the debut, as well as a new song along the way, and talk Southern influences, how Portland brought them together and the unlikely way the landed on the New York-based No Quarter label.


Hear the entire session (performances + interview) below and grab an exclusive download of “Wheel on Fire”:

As seems to happen so often in Portland, the members of Houndstooth all came from elsewhere to find each other. Gnorski and Bernstein each claim Southern roots, while bassist Courtney Sheedy and guitarist Michael Yun hail from Detroit. Drummer Graeme Gibson, who recorded and produced Ride Out the Dark and is the newest member of the group, is Canadian. The result of that equation is a remarkably accomplished and confident-sounding collection that is both fresh and familiar. Houndstooth evokes the likes of the Paisley Underground and early Cowboy Junkies (among others) with Bernstein’s understated vocals complimented perfectly by Gnorski’s weaving guitar lines.

Catch Houndstooth at the upcoming MusicFest NW— they play Thursday, September 5th at Bunk Bar, along with The Love Language and Prism Tats.



Audio engineer/mixing: Steven Kray, with tech assistance from Randy Layton

Video editor: Nate Sjol

Video shooters: Nate Sjol / Marjorie Deocampo / David Christensen

Photos: Nathan Tang

Interview: Jeremy Petersen

Executive Producer: David Christensen


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