Typhoon frontman and songwriter Kyle Morton released a solo album, What Will Destroy You, in September. The record’s a collection of compact and beautifully-recorded songs that get at different kinds of love, from the romantic to the twisted. It’s a far cry from the bombast and catharsis of Typhoon’s music, but very much in line with a recent project Morton made with his friend, filmmaker Matthew Thomas Ross, called “Book of Matches.” That series of films, each a minute long, required Morton to compose miniatures to match each film, and with an added limitation he gave himself: to write each one within a day.

For the new album, Morton wrote many of the songs in extended moments of ordinary life: waiting for his phone to charge, or while taking a walk. In our interview, he spoke about it in contradictory terms, calling this a “minor release” (free of the production demands or structure of a Typhoon record) and poking fun at himself for writing so much about death. But however simple, the record doesn’t play as a throwaway extra. In the more intimate spaces of these songs, Morton’s knack for small details, reach for meaning and ever-present sense of mortality, and bits of black humor make for a powerful listen.

Watch this solo performance above. Listen/download the interview in the audio player below, to hear more about writing these songs — the romantic “My Little Darlin Knows My Nature,” and darker songs “Survivalist Fantasy” and “Poor Bastard” — plus news about the upcoming Typhoon record in 2017.

Kyle Morton plays Friday January 6th at The Old Church.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from William Ward and Randy Layton
Videographer: Nate Sjol
Editor: Jarratt Taylor
Interview/Executive Producer: David Christensen