Although she is only 22, Laura Marling is both an accomplished performer and one of the UK’s brightest up and coming songwriters. Her first two records were each nominated for the Mercury Prize, and last year she won a Brit Award for best female solo artist. Those are heady awards for an artist whose songs unfold in rather quiet ways, with a lyrical depth that rewards repeated listening, and a clear alto voice that gives her songs a kind of gravity to match.

Marling stopped by OPB to record this session while on tour with Andrew Bird. (She opened for him the night before at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.) She performs songs from her most recent record, her third, titled A Creature I Don’t Know.

Laura Marling at OPB, 4-12-12


Recording by Steven Kray with technical assistance from Jonathan Newsome
Video production: Nate Sjol
Videographers: Neil Maknarakham, Greg Boone, Anthony Del Calzo
Photos: Nathan Quigley
Executive Producer: David Christensen