Long a fixture on the Portland scene, Lovers (Carolyn Berk, Kerby Ferris and Emily Kingan) has been performing together for more than a decade. The new album, A Friend in the World, is the band’s seventh studio release, and fuses their synth pop sound with Berk’s intimate lyrics. Lovers’ rhythmic punch has become more attenuated over the years — listen to the tribal drumming of “Purple Sage” — and Berk has become a full-time vocalist, no longer playing guitar. Songs from the new record including “Oh Yeah” and “The Modern Art Museum of the Modern Kiss Goodbye” have been opbmusic favorites and fixtures on our playlist since the summer.

See more videos by Lovers here. Listen the session audio files including an interview with the band, and a free download of the song “Oh Yeah.”


Audio Production: Steven Kray with assistance from Randy Layton.
Video Production: Jarratt Taylor
Videographers: Marjorie Deocampo, Sam Smith
Executive Producer: David Christensen