Easily one of the more talked about bands to emerge from the Portland music scene in 2013, Magic Mouth put their infectious rock & soul on display for us as we captured their set during this year’s PDX/Rx day party at Mississippi Studios during MusicFest NW. The set includes songs from the new EP, Devil May Care (out September 20th), and the band talks about what went into that recording, their experience touring with Gossip last year, and their somewhat unlikely musical backgrounds.

“Ain’t you got no shame?!”

So lights the fuse of “Swampy Seconds,” the sonic stick of dynamite that kicks off Magic Mouth’s new Devil May Care EP. Already regarded as one of Portland’s most exciting live acts, the quartet succeeds in bringing that vibrance to record here, the undeniable vocal presence of Chanticleer Trü buoyed along by Brendan Scott’s propulsive bass, Peter Condra’s stabbing guitar lines and Ana Briseño’s insistent beat.

“The song is…a really militant protest about being who you are,” Trü told us. In some ways, Magic Mouth is still realizing their own identity, evolving from a band brought together by a shared love of Nina Simone to the post-punk funk currently on display. Based on the irresistible sets like this, we’re happy to be along for the journey.

Watch more performances from the band via YouTube, hear the entire session below in the audio player, and grab an exclusive download of “Lucky Places”:


Audio engineer/mixing: Steven Kray; recorded at Mississippi Studios
Video editor: Jarratt Taylor
Videographers: Jarratt Taylor / Nate Sjol / Molly Gard / Dave Cusick
Photos: Nathan Quigley
Interview: Jeremy Petersen
Executive Producer: David Christensen