Los Angeles-based NO stopped by OPB studios in April to play a stripped-down pair of songs from their much-lauded debut, El Prado.

The sextet first gained attention with the 2011 EP, Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever, and the release of their debut full-length in February of this year only heightened the buzz around the band. Inspiring comparisons to The National and Elbow, NO have carved out a distinct sonic space all their own, with songs that are intensely personal and anthemic, brooding and hopeful. 

Enjoy their intimate takes on “Stay With Me” and “Leave the Door Wide Open,” two of the standout tracks from El Prado.

 Listen to the songs from the session here:


Audio: Steven Kray

Video: Nate Sjol, Sam Smith, David Christensen

Editor: Jarratt Taylor

Executive Producer: David Christensen