After Other Lives‘ last record, 2011’s Tamer Animals, the band toured off and on for two years straight. They played a long headlining tour, then went back on the road to open for Radiohead. Their sweeping, almost orchestral music evoked the big-sky landscapes of the plains, western films, and their Oklahoma home. But when they finally stopped moving, the group’s three core members — Jesse Tabish, Jonathon Mooney and Josh Onstott — settled in Portland. Three years later, the group’s released their new album, Rituals. In this soundcheck session recorded at Doug Fir Lounge in May, the band shows its evolving sound, with both a restlessness and a reflection of their Northwest base. See their performance above, and listen to the songs and interview in the audio player below.


Audio mixes: Steven Kray
Video production: Brendan Jones
Videographers: Sam Smith, Grahame Bywater, Braden Spotts, Jennifer Sowell, David Christensen
Executive Producer: David Christensen