Late last year, Point Juncture, WA ushered out their long-awaited double album, “Me Or The Party.” It had been five years since the band had released any material, and fans in their hometown of Portland were at peak suspense.

In November, the Portland Mercury summed up the mood in an only mildly hyperbolic fashion:

“Party” is the first album from the hallowed indie band in half a decade, and it’s become something of our city’s “Chinese Democracy,” spoken about in low tones for the past two years by critics and members of the scene glitterati lucky enough to have heard rough cuts.

But unlike “Chinese Democracy” — Guns N’ Roses’ oft-delayed, unfocused and ultimately disappointing reunion record — Point Juncture, WA’s long-awaited LP proved to be both sprawling and really, really good. Just before its release, we were honored to premiere the track “Busted” here at opbmusic. That song, along with another track, “You’re Okay,” went on to be a staple of the opbmusic broadcast over the winter and led to the band’s appearance in the OPB studios in April.

In front of a studio audience, the group performed songs from “Me Or The Party” and chatted with us about classic double albums, their shared love of Steely Dan, their biggest fan (Henry Rollins!) and the long recording process.

Watch videos of their performance above and listen to our conversation and songs from the session below.