Led by the husband-and-wife duo Cole Browning and Tammy (Bambi) Barnes, the four-piece rock band Reptaliens are a group of experienced Portland musicians who create sci-fi inspired, dreamy rock music.

In early March of 2016, Reptaliens signed to the Brooklyn indie music label Captured Tracks and released two singles, “Prequel” and “Olive Boy.” Since then they have been jumping around the country, briefly touring with STRFKR as well as playing all over Portland, opening up for bands such as Foxygen.

Their performances are eccentric, featuring an actress on stage playing several characters, including a masked businessman, a reptilian satanic priest and a bizarre creature with giant, flailing arms. Though the visuals are a catch, the band proves to be as sonically interesting as they are visually interesting.
In September, they joined us in the OPB studio to perform their standalone singles and a new song, “666Bus,” from their upcoming album FM-2030.

The band plays at Doug Fir Oct 5, opening for Walter TV. FM-2030 is out Oct. 6 via Captured Tracks.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray
Editor: Nick McClurg / Jarratt Taylor
Videographers: Nick McClurg, Nate Sjol, Jarratt Taylor, Luuk Van Hoomisen
Interview: Nick McClurg
Executive Producer: David Christensen