Haley Heynderickx grew up in Forest Grove, OR and wanted to play electric guitar like Jimi Hendrix. She learned to play acoustic guitar, through bluegrass and country music, and fell in love with Bob Dylan’s songwriting. This year she released a four-song EP, Fish Eyes, with fluttery folk-influenced singing and guitar lines that bend and twang. On the strength of her local shows and that EP, she’s become one of the strongest new voices in Portland.

For this Road Sessions premiere, Heynderickx performs her song “Sane,” accompanied by Luz Elena Mendoza and drummer Alex Fitch, in the Mosier Twin Tunnels. The tunnels were part of the old Columbia River Highway, high above the river on the Oregon side of the Gorge. When the highway was first opened, these tunnels with arched openings provided a unique view of the river below, but when the highway was relocated closer to the river (and later became I-84), the tunnels fell into disrepair and filled with debris from rockslides. Work to restore the tunnels began in 1995, and this historic section of the old highway was reopened in 2000 for hikers, bikers, and those looking for a panoramic photo or viewing area. (This is also near the site of the train derailment and fire outside Mosier last week.)

Travel Oregon has more info about the locations for the Road Sessions (and a lot of other great places to go).

Look for a new Road Sessions premiere every Thursday this month and the first week of July, featuring Northwest artists in some of Oregon’s beautiful State Parks.


Director of Photography: Will Walle
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