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Sallie Ford at OPB

Sallie Ford and her new band released their debut, Slap Back, in October. After her previous, rockabilly-influenced band, The Sound Outside, disbanded last year, Ford announced a new direction. She formed an all-female band with drummer Amanda Spring (Point Juncture, WA), bassist Anita Lee Elliott (best known as lead guitarist for Viva Voce), and keyboards player Christina Cano (of Albatross). Ford would play lead guitar. The quartet played a few shows in town and started recording with Portland’s Chris Funk early this year. The much-anticipated release pulls no punches lyrically. In “Dive In,” Ford sings the simple chorus: I want it to hurt. I want it.  Along with a different musical persona for Ford, Spring propels the group aggressively from the drumkit; if anything, you feel like the band is pushing Ford forward, egging her on as much as following her lead.  At opbmusic, this has been one of our favorite records of 2014, while “Coulda Been” and “Dive In” (in the video playlist above) have been among our favorite songs.

Sallie Ford will close out a fall tour with a hometown show at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland Saturday night 12/13.


Audio mixes: Graham Nystrom, Steven Kray
Video editor: Jarratt Taylor
Shooters: Jarratt Taylor, Nate Sjol, Sam Smith, Grahame Bywater
Executive Producer: David Christensen