It’s not every couple that could bring songs to the writing room with lyrics like, “If you’d just stop talking / We’d figure it out.” But Lisa and Sam Adams haven’t only created safe musical space; they’ve brought the musical partnership powering their band, Sama Dams, through some interesting evolutions.

On their latest record, “Say It,” the Adams are increasingly sharing songwriting credits (“60 percent Sam and 40 percent me,” according to Lisa) and riffing off each other.

“I think there’ve been [only] a couple songs written from one of us to the other,” Lisa said. “Some are commentaries of things going on in the world.”

But they agree their lyrics increasingly work in dialogue, marrying brainy power pop sounds to some aggressive lyrical flights in songs like “Dig Ourselves a Hole” and “Secrets.”

“Sometimes we’ll help each other,” Sam said. “We do these exercises where we attempt to write 20 songs in a day. It’s like a stream of consciousness exercise, but it’s produced a lot of our music.”

“There’s so much subtext and context for every sound,” he added, “down to different kinds of reverb: Where does it put you and how do you feel when you’re in that place?”

We caught up with Lisa and Sam Adams and drummer Chris Hermsen for an energetic performance and chat at Kelly’s Olympian. Watch video of the set in the player above, and hear the interview in the audio player below.


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