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Shearwater at OPB

Shearwater at OPB

Shearwater at OPB

David Christensen

Austin, Texas band Shearwater stopped by our studios in February for this session, along with singer Jesca Hoop. The band played songs from each of their last four records: “Hidden Lakes” is from 2010’s Golden Archipelago; “You As You Were” is from 2012’s Animal Joy; and “The Snow Leopard” from 2008’s Rook. The one new song, “A Wake for the Minotaur” appears on Fellow Travelers, a record that is comprised almost completely of their covers. Jesca Hoop joined them for the tour both as opening act and to play with the band, lending her voice to the group’s ethereal sound.




Audio recording: Steven Kray with Randy Layton

Video shooters: David Christensen, Sam Smith

Video editing: Jarratt Taylor

Executive Producer: David Christensen

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