Dan Vidmar began performing as Shy Girls in 2011, and on the strength of his live shows, an EP and a particular song — a sax-laden slow burner called “Under Attack” — received the nod as Portland’s best new band in 2013 from Willamette Week.  Now living in Los Angeles, Vidmar’s just released his first full-length record, Salt. We caught up to Shy Girls at the soundcheck before the group’s recent Portland concert at Doug Fir Lounge, to record this opbmusic session.

Watch the performance in the VuHaus player above, and listen below to Vidmar’s interview with State of Wonder producer Aaron Scott.



Audio recording: Zack Carver-Gustin
Mixes: Steven Kray
Editor: Braden Spotts
Videographers; Braden Spotts, Andrew Barrick
Executive Producer: David Christensen