We caught up to the band Tennis before their recent Wonder Ballroom performance for this soundcheck session. Singer Alaina Moore and guitarist Patrick Riley are the married couple from Denver who front the band, and whose 2011 debut made waves both for its breezy pop tunes and the couple’s back story. Unsure of what to do after graduating from college, the pair bought a sailboat, learned to sail, and left on a seven-month sailing trip in the Atlantic. Along the way, the couple began to write and record songs to pass the time, sending some to friends, and eventually wound up enlisting Oregon producer Richard Swift to help them make their 2011 debut record, Cape Dory. This year’s Ritual in Repeat is the group’s third release, and they played songs for us from that album.

Tennis performed at the Wonder Ballroom in January, making up for a fall show that was cancelled due to illness. Thanks to the band and to the Wonder Ballroom for this soundcheck session.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray
Video production: Jarratt Taylor, with shooters Sam Smith and Grahame Bywater
Wonder Ballroom lighting: Sage H. Paden
Executive Producer: David Christensen