Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture headlined our November Stagepass concert, giving a glowing and groovy performance to a packed house at Mississippi Studios, and unveiling a couple of new songs, “Pray for Rain” and “The Tower.” The new songs show the band in a looser, more improvised setting, and you can see how guitarist Daniel Hindman turns the melody of “The Tower” around in a jazz-like way, and how he and singer Sarah Versprille play off one another.

Versprille and Hindman met in college in New Jersey, where they were music performance majors.  After moving to New York and touring as part of Vetiver, the pair began to make demos of their own music together. They shared those with Oregon producer Richard Swift, who encouraged them and eventually produced their initial EP — which brought them to the attention of Portland fans in a big way. Swift also produced their first record, Moon Tides, in 2013.  While their first songs had them playing against a recorded drum track, bassist Zach Tillman joined the group in 2012, and recently they’ve begun playing with drummer Brian Wright. Not surprisingly, the increasing flexibility and malleability of the songs’ bass and percussion seems to have opened up songs for Versprille and Hindman to work more freely, something that’s especially noticeable on the new songs in the video, and a hint, according to the band, of the direction of their next record.

Pure Bathing Culture, recorded 11/28/14 at opbmusic Stagepass at Mississippi Studios

Director: Matthew Thomas Ross
Editors: Nate Sjol, Matthew Thomas Ross
Audio recording: Graham Nystrom.
Mixes:  Steven Kray
Videographers:  Matthew Thomas Ross, Nate Sjol, Ben Trimbo, Jarratt Taylor, Hannah Andrews
Lighting Director: Matt Rosvold
Scene Design: Hannah Andrews
Executive Producer: David Christensen