Dustin Hamman is a man very much affected by place - whether it’s the fervent creativity of Portland, the wide-open desert of New Mexico, or a solitary hillside in the Columbia River Gorge. (where he wrote Run On Sentence’s previous record, You the Darkness and Me) “I feel like the physical places I spend time in help me connect with either the place or something beyond the place.” Hamman says.

Run On Sentence took the audience at Mississippi studios to a very special place, playing their newest record, Feelings, in it’s entirety. They fuse elements of dusty folk, outlaw country, punk, and soaring classic rock - all centered around Hamman’s vivid lyricism and singular stage presence. 

Hear how Run on Sentence got their name, how poetry was Dustin Hamman’s first love, and hear some of the band’s inspired set in this performance and interview!

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