As the story goes, the city of Portland had a 50% chance of being called “Boston” by early founders, who made their decision by the flip of a coin. In a similar way, Portland rock and soul band Thanks could’ve been called Cold One City. But “Thanks” fits better when you know its origins: a song by 60s country singer Ernest Tubbs, directed to a real or imagined ex, sarcastically called “Thanks a Lot.”  The Portland group’s songs explore the dark places at the end of a relationship, somewhere between the angry end and triumphant release, with a swagger and flair that’s easy to nod along with.

We sat down with three members of the band: lead singer “Jimi” Hendrix, drummer Drew Sprouse, and keys player Noah Jay-Bonn to talk about the group’s music. Watch the interview and the full band’s dramatic performance (with cellist Lilly Maher, bassist Garrett Brown, and guitarist Andrew Hanna) at Mississippi Studios.

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Audio Recording and Mixes: Steven Kray
Interview Recording: Bill Ward
Director: Matthew Thomas Ross
Editor: Nate Sjol
Videographers: Matthew Thomas Ross, Nate Sjol, Gary McLeod, Hannah Andrews, Harrisen Howes
Lighting: Matthew Rosvold
Production Design: Hannah Andrews
Executive Producer: David Christensen