Not a lot of bands take their name from 1960s pop art designers, but for The Verner Pantons, it makes sense. Frontman Tobias Berblinger’s art and visual design background may have led him to the 60’s designer who is the band’s namesake, but a love of classic 60’s guitar bands, a bit of surf rock, Beach Boys and the Beatles, led the group to their sound. They played a highly entertaining and energetic show at our Stagepass concert in August, 2014. We also sat down with lead singer Berblinger and drummer/singer Erik Rubalcava to talk about the band’s beginnings and what drives them forward. Enjoy our latest video from Stagepass (recommend set to HD viewing and with the volume up!):

Listen to more songs from the concert and download the mp3s:

Thanks to our Stagepass crew: Matthew Thomas Ross, Nate Sjol, Steven Kray, Hannah Andrews, Gary McLeod, Harrisen Howes and Matt Rosvold…  as well as the production staff at Mississippi Studios. 

We’re back in action at Mississippi Studios on Friday November 28th. That’s the day after Thanksgiving, so shake off the tryptophan and come out to enjoy the show! We’ll be announcing the lineup later this month.