The South Florida indie rock band Surfer Blood is a case study in resiliency. During the group’s seven years of existence, they’ve weathered lineup changes, the personal legal issues of singer John Pitts, and an unsuccessful detour on a major label. But perhaps none of that compared to the death of guitarist and founding member Thomas Fekete. At the shockingly young age of 27, he succumbed to a rare form of cancer in May of 2016, an event that left the band with a gaping hole in its head and heart.

With that in mind, it’s more than a bit of surprise that the group rebounded from that tragedy with an album that is arguably one of its brightest and most optimistic-sounding efforts. Snowdonia clocks in at brisk 38 minutes, but the record is packed full with catchy, bittersweet pop songs.

Surfer Blood joined us in the OPB studios to perform songs from Snowdonia. They also chatted with us about the loss of Fekete, the surprising origin of the new album’s title, and how their home in Florida continues to affect their songwriting. Watch videos hosted by our partners at VuHaus above and listen to audio from the performance below.