The first we heard from UK band Temples was their fuzzed-out psych-rock debut Sun Structures in 2014. With a sizable nod to studio producers including “Wall of Sound” originator Phil Spectre, Temples’ songs were headphone magic: brisk, analog earworms, and full of studio wizardry. Vintage effects seemingly placed the band’s sound around 1969, and in reversal of sorts, off-speed guitar tracks could sound like modern synths. Sun Structures was recorded at home by the group’s guitarist and singer, James Bagshaw, and bassist Tom Walmsley. They cut the band’s first several songs to post online, and recruited friends Adam Smith and Sam Toms to make a live band after Temples received a booking offer to play a festival in the UK. The band has toured heavily since that time.

This month, Temples released their follow-up album, Volcano, and recently stopped in Portland as part of the Desert Daze Caravan tour.  We recorded the band at soundcheck at the Crystal Ballroom and spoke with lead singer James Bagshaw about getting the sound right for Temples in the studio and on the road. Watch the performances in the VuHaus player above, and listen to the interview below.



Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray
Videographers: Jarratt Taylor, Jennifer Sowell, Andrew Barrick, Sam Smith
Editor: Jarratt Taylor
Executive Producer: David Christensen